Today marks two years since the devastating wildfires tore through our community, businesses and many of our homes. We have seen immense progress due to the resilience of survivors, support of community members and commitment to rebuilding.

We have so much to look forward to as our city is put back together again and survivors slowly regain a sense of normalcy. Still with many challenges ahead, we have a hopeful outlook for our community and know that we will remain Sonoma Strong.

On October 4th, our associates attended Impact Sonoma, “a report card to the community on progress since the 2017 wildfires.” The event featured a variety of influential community members focused on the rebuild effort. Notably, keynote speaker Senator, Mike McGuire, Amy Bach Executive Director at United Policyholders, and David Rabbitt Chairman from the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors, to name a few. 

The Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa in 2019 (left) and 2017 (right). (KENT PORTER/ Press Democrat)

Here are some key takeaways about the rebuild effort from each speaker;

Senator, Mike McGuire

  • Average rebuild is 63% for the City
    • Coffey Park is at 93%
    • Fountain Grove at 65%.
  • Unemployment rate is at 2.7% very low as compared to the States 4.4%.
    • We’ve created 900 permanent Construction jobs.

Supplemental information about the rebuild effort in Sonoma County in September provided by The Press Democrat.


David Rabbitt Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Spoke to many of the infrastructure improvements to include alert systems, wildfire cams, evacuation routes, vegetation management.

Debbie Mason Healthcare Foundation of Northern Sonoma County

Spoke about a resource for coping with the long term effects of the fires on survivors specifically, PTSD, depression and anger.

Amy Bach Executive Director of United Policyholders

United Policy Holders has been an advocate for survivors in the insurance claim process. They help navigate and provide resources that aid on the road to recovery. A staggering statistic mentioned was that “the average underinsured amount at 24 months is $381,351.”

These speakers also mentioned how “Collaborative efforts are really impactive, and many of these groups have taken their knowledge on the road to help other fire victims, most recently in Paradise.”





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