In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shelter in place rules in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties, many of our clients are wondering…

Can I still sell my house?

Yes, you can.

Is it a good time to sell? It depends on your circumstances. The first step in determining this is to have a consultation with a real estate professional who can listen to your situation and your goals, and help you determine if selling right now does make sense. If you have determined that now is the time for you to sell, yes, there is still a way to achieve your goal. And like always, we are here for you to make that happen.

The biggest factor affecting real estate sales at the moment is in regards to showings. Agents are only permitted to show unoccupied properties at this time. If you can arrange for your property to be unoccupied, you will have a much easier time selling your property. If your property will remain occupied, online marketing and agent walkthrough videos will be the best way to market your home to potential buyers. Some buyers are writing offers sight unseen, possibly with a contingency for viewing the property in person when allowed to do so.

Even if the property is un-occupied, your real estate professional should only allow buyers to view the property who are “serious” potential buyers and have provided verifications of funds and a pre-approval letter. Buyer’s agents will be encouraging their clients to view as much information about the property digitally before they decide to see the property in person.

For these reasons, the marketing efforts will be centered around digital marketing — providing as much information about the home online as possible. Luckily for us, we’ve been doing this all along. As a part of our marketing standard, every listing gets a property website and video. Other marketing options your agent my adopt are Matterport Tours/floor plan, agent walk-through videos, and property memorandums which provide more thorough information about each property.

Pre-marketing inspections and property repairs/improvements are permissible as long as the individuals performing inspections/workwear gloves and other protective gear as mandated and declare that they are asymptomatic and agree to follow CDC guidelines.


Paperwork will all be done via email & DocuSign. All agent interaction will be done by video conference when available, or phone, email, and text.

Closing paperwork that requires a notary will still be done with a notary, either at the Title Company or in some instances, a mobile notary can come to you. In these instances, the signing is usually done at a table set up outside or in the garage. Any documents that do not require a notary will be sent via Docusign by the Escrow Officer. Money will be transferred via wire.

If you are thinking about selling and would like to chat with an agent about the process or the market, please email us and we will get you in touch with an agent in your marketplace.



Note: Sellers must be expressly made aware of the risks of showing a property: that it may be dangerous or unsafe and could expose them or others to coronavirus (COVID-19). Sellers are responsible for adhering to all COVID-19 protocols regarding social distancing and other CDC guidelines.