I would like to recommend this book to real estate professionals and Home Sellers alike. Starr Osborne does a nice job outlining the importance of staging the home properly as well as giving some great tips that will enhance value. Below you will see her ‘Ten Ways to Stage Your Home to Sell.’

Home Staging That Works
Sell Your Home in Less Time for More Money
by Starr C. Osborne

Top 10 Ways to Stage Your Home to Sell

  1. In this market, it is wise to get a pre-inspection. Based on the results of your pre-inspection, schedule appointments with reputable vendors to get professional estimates on what repairing any major problems would cost. You, and your buyer, don’t want any surprises.
  2. Identify the demographic of your most likely buyer. Keep them firmly in mind as you prepare to put your home up for sale. Is it for young couples starting a family? Is it for baby boomers downgrading after their kids have moved out?
  3. Buy new house or apartment numbers to replace your existing ones if they’re dated or damaged. This is the first thing that buyers look for (to make sure they’re at the right place), so of course it’s the first thing they notice. You don’t want to start off with a bad impression.
  4. If you have a yard or garden, tidy it up: prune, weed, mulch, edge, and mow. Make sure no shrubs are blocking your windows or paths. Don’t worry about having an impressive garden—high maintenance can be a big turnoff—just a well-kept one.
  5. Buy a large, plain, neutral-colored doormat to replace each existing mat. Consider your first step into someone’s home. What does it say about them? What do you want to say to the buyer? How will they imagine themselves taking the first step into their new home?
  6. Spend twenty minutes in each room putting anything you want to give away into a pile in the middle of the floor and have a trash bag handy for things you are going to throw away. This is your first step towards packing, and your first step towards saying goodbye to your home.
  7. Pack up all photographs, mementos, and personal items that you can live without while your home is on the market. Put the small, personal items that your family will need (such as medications) into closed containers out of sight, so that buyers won’t see them. Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home, and they can’t do that looking at pictures of your family and your medicine labels.
  8. In each room, pack two boxes of belongings—clothes, books, utensils, and so on—that your family can do without until your home sells. Focus on removing items from built-in bookshelves and from closets or built-in drawers that buyers will be opening.
  9. Clean your home as thoroughly as possible. Not just your standard scrub, and go beyond the spring cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your front door or your windows. Remember that sunlight sells, so you want curtains or blinds open and light streaming in through a spotless window.
  10. Remake all beds with white sheets and pillowcases if you have them. Think of it as presenting a black slate to buyers who may not have your taste.