1. Unrealistic Pricing – Before setting a price, make sure to do your research on home sales in the area to see if you’re in the right ballpark. Also, try to compare your property to homes with similar features to set realistic expectations.

2. Poor Presentation – Staging your home is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression & make buyers feel welcome. At the very least declutter the inside and clean up your landscaping to boost curb appeal!

3. No Professional Pictures – Poor quality photos almost guarantee a stale listing. In today’s visually driven market, quality, professional photos are a must! Also, make sure that key features of the home are being showcased (i.e. including the gorgeous view and/ or open concept living space).

4. Unresolved Home Repairs – A final reason your property might be stagnant is because you haven’t made necessary home repairs. Minor fixes could drive potential buyers away if not taken care of.