1. Bring the Outdoors In

    • Fresh cut flowers make a world of difference providing a fresh scent and a pop of color.
    • Potted plants, real (or faux…we don’t judge lol) can liven up any space.
    • Incorporate natural elements (wood, shells, stone) for a tranquil environment.
  2. Declutter & Organize
    • Time to purge! Go through your pantry, junk drawer and closets.
  3. Rearrange
    • If your living space is feeling stale, rearrange furniture to increase the “feng shui.”
    • Change up the couch pillows. Incorporate new textures and pops of color.
    • Mix up your wall art. An easy way to make subtle changes to a dull space.
  4. Paint
    • Creating an accent wall as a focal point.
    • Simply freshen up your existing colors for a vibrant ambiance.
  5. New Lighting
    • Switch out outdated fixtures. A small change that could make a big statement!
  6. Curb Appeal Facelift
    • Add a pop of color with a freshly painted front door.
    • Visit your local nursery & add in fresh spring florals.
    • Welcome guests with a new front door mat!
  7. Eat Meals at Home
    • Make use of your kitchen and dining space.
    • Connect with loved ones over dinner without distraction.
  8. Invite People Over
    • An excuse to clean like crazyyyy!
    • Seeing your home from the perspective of others can give you a renewed sense of appreciation for spaces in your home you might have been taking for granted.
  9. Get Some Rest 
    • Switch out or WASH your bedding.
    • Buy some nice blackout curtains or a cozy mattress pad.
  10. Slow Down
    • Often, our lives get so busy that our homes sometimes become a place to store our things, rather than a place to enjoy spending time. Make time throughout your week to just “be” in your home in a calm space. Sit down and enjoy your morning cup of coffee, relax on the porch, or take a long bath.

14 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home Again