Are you right for the Corcoran Global Living family?

TFGP seeks to recruit a select group of high quality, collaboratively-minded Realtors who desire to work in a supportive team environment and provide superior service to their clients. Our real estate professionals therefore must have the knowledge and experience necessary to meet and exceed the client’s expectation of service and results. This attention to quality is why Corcoran Global Living has quickly become one of the top residential real estate brokerages in the North Bay.  Our associates place a premium on honesty, industry knowledge, collaboration, work efficiency, and extraordinary client service.  We do not wish to be the biggest company in the business—just the best.

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Corcoran Global Living carefully vets every potential associate to make sure he or she will be a beneficial addition to the team.  If you think your values and goals are aligned with our culture and mission statement please contact us for an interview.

As a regional company serving Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, our emphasis is on small, local offices that reflect the communities they serve.

All of our offices are wireless ~ Our company utilizes current technologies to create streamlined, efficient offices using networked tools and services such as virtual voicemail/fax; Google apps email/server; networked print/scanner. Associates will need a full functioning laptop to work in our offices.

We promote a “Green Community” ~ Corcoran Global Living is committed to reducing our footprint and expensive storage needs as well as providing our client’s with the highest level of service and innovation. We incorporate DocuSign and other e-signature products into our business and utilize them as much as possible. In addition, our associate “dashboard/backend” allows complete mobility and access to all company tools, collateral materials, education, industry links, transaction management and administrative documents on demand for individual printing.

Going mobile ~ Corcoran Global Living encourages our associates to use and integrate tablets (i.e.: iPad) using today’s mobile real estate applications to create a seamless, high quality experience for the client. Corcoran Global Living has invested in branded smart phone IDX applications and a fully mobile company web/blogsite for the consumer.

Transaction management ~ Corcoran Global Living has engaged the most innovative,  user friendly electronic on-line platform to manage our files as well as provide a robust associate portal for industry information, company resources and planning, posting/sharing, and personal client/data management systems. Corcoran Global Living provides Transaction Coordinator resources for those associates who wish to engage professionals to manage these systems.

Property marketing ~ How our Associates market properties reflects on the entire company.  This is why Corcoran Global Living has established a set of standards for all property marketing. Our goal is to represent you and the company consistently in a manner that reflects a strong brand and a high level of quality and uniqueness.   It is this attention to detail that builds a strong reputation in the community and leads the consumer to view us in the highest regard.

Representation ~ The quality of the professional we hire is a reflection of the entire team. Our company culture is based on the highest level of integrity, professionalism, individual community involvement, collaboration, and commitment to full time real estate.

Participation ~ Corcoran Global Living is a company built on relationships. We encourage full participation in office meetings, MLS/broker tours, and company events. Our interaction with, and support of each other is what makes us such a strong and unique organization.



I chose to join Corcoran Global Living for the integrity of their leadership, the stellar reputation of their sales team and their commitment to giving back to the local community. Corcoran Global Living focuses on the agent/client relationship and fosters that connection for a lifetime. I am honored to be a part of the Corcoran Global Living team and to be of service to my home community

Michele Ikemire, Napa Valley Office

Corcoran Global Living is an outstanding Real Estate Brokerage, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. There is such integrity and focus on the client, which fits my philosophy, as I pride myself in listening to my client’s needs and then guiding them through the sale or purchase of property.

Susan Irvine, Sonoma County Office

Joining Corcoran Global Living Global has been the best move I’ve made in real estate. The transition has been seamless and the support has been overwhelming. Since real estate is ever-changing, it is essential to be affiliated with a company that strives to introduce new concepts and technology into the workplace. TFGP takes care of the “nuts and bolts”, allowing their agents to focus on what they do best…sell real estate!

Gloria Epperson, Sonoma County Office

I joined Corcoran Global Living because I have a high regard for the leadership team of Bill Facendini and Heidi Rickerd-Rizzo. They are highly respected in the market place. I think Corcoran Global Living is a cutting edge company and I have a desire to learn new things and grow in ways many traditional brokerages are not able to provide. In addition, this is a group of people who share ideas, communicate and collaborate–they look to help each other. The culture is one of “family” and you feel that when you walk in the door

Denise Chapartéguy, Sonoma County Office

I’m excited to be joining a company that understands the value of relationships, not only those we have with our clients but those we have with fellow agents in the community. It becomes obvious when you meet other agents at Corcoran Global Living that there is a strong sense of family and everyone works toward the goal of success for both, the company and its agents. I look forward to being a part of this family and contributing to the team.

David Kerr, Sonoma County Office

The funny thing is that I was not looking to make a change in real estate companies. Corcoran Global Living as a business competitor had been on my radar for a while because of the quality of the agents I had met, their approach to putting listings on the market, and their strong branding and marketing. Discovering that Corcoran Global Living was planning to start a Sonoma office piqued my interest. But then when I met Heidi and Bill and the team, everything just completely clicked. I found this genuine collaboration between the agents, this great energy around wanting everyone to be and do their best. And I found a real commitment within the business for fostering and building long-term relationships with our clients. And I found a business model that respected my contribution as a part of this dynamic company. I had to say yes!

Rob Angus Jones, Sonoma County Office

Corcoran Global Living is a very unique real estate company, like no other that I know of. The team that Heidi and Bill have assembled are warm, compassionate, knowledgeable, caring, experienced individuals that are supportive and cooperative and work as a team. We kind of joke about our “Corcoran Global Living Family” but I really feel that we are. This group is so supportive of one another, it is truly an anomaly from the norm. So refreshing in this Real Estate world. Bill and Heidi are absolutely wonderful individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a way of dealing with people that makes them comfortable and confident in the guidance they provide. They are compassionate and trustworthy and great people to talk to for help and guidance. Their support is always geared toward helping to solve others’ needs in a professional manner. This is the essence of their guiding principle of providing the best care for our clients and the nurturing of relationships that they hold above all. I feel that I couldn’t be in a better place or with better people.

Tara Conrow, Sonoma County Office

At Corcoran Global Living, the whole is (truly) greater than the sum parts. There simply isn’t a better company to work for nor one that cares as much for your success as Corcoran Global Living does. Boutique by design, there’s a foundational value for professional support that is real and available. A shared theme for excellence, the collective caliber within the company serves our industry with acumen, integrity, experience and kindness. And how fortunate we are to have owners that lead with business precision, maintain a keen marketing focus for current trending and advocate with care, strength and unparalleled generosity. Everyone wins at Corcoran Global Living….the client, the agent, the company. It’s Value first and a whole lot of reward second!

Cory Maguire, Sonoma County Office

I joined Corcoran Global Living when I was looking to make a change and take my business to the next level. I was looking to work with agents that were honest and ethical, who cared about the client more than a commission and in an environment where it was collaborative, helpful and each associate could acheive success. I found that here. To work on a team with highly professional agents that share my passion for real estate, who are eithical, client focused and industry leaders is great. there is no other real estate company like Corcoran Global Living!

Ellen Politz, Napa Valley Office

Corcoran Global Living merits serious consideration for Real Estate Professionals whose focus is on personal client relationships and are committed to assisting families make the best possible business and family decisions. Corcoran Global Living and its agent professionals are highly regarded in the industry. The company works diligently behind the scenes to maximize the use of social media to the benefit of its agent professionals. The company is user friendly. I highly recommend Corcoran Global Living.

Jaime Pera, Marin County Office

Corcoran Global Living is a company that truly cares about its associates and clients. The support and encouragement are inspiring and has helped me to grow my business significantly since joining the company. I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with such wonderful team mates!

Amber Payne, Napa Valley Office

I chose Corcoran Global Living because of the Law of Attraction. I believe TFGP has the right resources for me to achieve the boldest goals and do it the right way.

Robin Bianchini, Sonoma County Office

Bill & Heidi put together an innovative, progressive, fresh, dynamic business model focused on community and community based agents that is empowering to their agents and offers all of this to their clients. TFGP is not a franchise and is deeply rooted in Real Estate experience. The team I am working with is comprised of high integrity, fun and hard working agents. It has already proven to be a significantly beneficial career step for me to be a part of this new company in Napa.

Beth Braby, Napa Valley Office

Teamwork, Community Outreach, and Innovation in the ideas I wanted and found with Corcoran Global Living.

Nadia Valenzuela, Napa Valley Office

Joining Corcoran Global Living has been the best move in my real estate Career I have ever made!! This change is a result of my continuing commitment to focusing on personal client relationships and service as well as maintaining professionalism and integrity in my business. Leadership, Innovation, Commitment, Knowledge and Communication says it all!

Terry Wunderlich, Napa Valley Office

I joined Corcoran Global Living because I value relationships and honesty. When I go to work, I like to have those values supported not challenged. That is what Bill & Heidi bring to the table, along with leadership, experience and innovation. They are leaders in front of the industry not playing “catch up”. Their company philosophy of ” The focus begins and ends with the Client” mirrors and supports my value system of giving my clients 100% of my passion to help them achieve their real estate goals. It is also an amazing thing to feel like you are in a family when you are away from home working with such a collaborative group of professionals.

Jen Leigh, Napa Office

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