Gerry Sweeney

Sales Associate


Sales Associate Gerry Sweeney joined Terra Firma Global Partners in 2018 in the firm’s Sonoma office following careers in the wine industry and financial services. A Sonoma resident since 2005, Gerry will concentrate his real estate practice throughout Sonoma County.

Prior to real estate, he worked in direct-to-consumer wine sales with Repris Wines, Pangloss Cellars and Texture. Earlier, he represented Bryter Estates and Bennett Valley Cellars, all based in Sonoma.

Before venturing into wine, Gerry spent a total of nineteen years working in finance. Starting in college, he got his first taste of Wall Street working in operations in a trading department, before moving to California where he spent the first four years as a retail stock broker, followed by a fifteen-year career as an institutional equity sales trader in San Francisco. He lived in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood for nearly a dozen years before entering the wine industry.

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Whether facilitating large transactions between buyers and sellers on Wall Street or presenting a vertical of Moon Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, Gerry has always been known for the exemplary level of thought, time and care he brings to everyone he serves.

“For me, it’s all about building genuine, long-lasting relationships. Meeting new people, hearing their stories and sharing mine has been both a key to success and a constant source of fulfillment in both my finance and hospitality careers, and I’m excited to see how these skills overlap the real estate industry.”

Terra Firma Global Partners came highly recommended by a close friend, and upon meeting the management team and some of its sales associates, Gerry instantly recognized everything he values in a company: an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, quality over quantity and a high level of service over production.

Born in New York to Irish immigrants, Gerry was raised in the Bronx, where he learned the value of a dollar, developed his strong work ethic and quickly understood the importance building a strong, supportive community and network of good neighbors in his life.

At Fordham University, Gerry studied Art History and played ice hockey for the school’s team, a sport he continues to play weekly in Oakland. Gerry also loves craft beer, discovering new small, family-owned wineries, and cooking delicious meals at home with family and friends.

Through the years Gerry has supported Habitat for Humanity and Make-a-Wish Foundation.

little known secret

I play ice hockey

running away to...

Eastern Shore, Maryland

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New York Rangers & Yankees

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the birth of my two daughters

Terra Firma is...

my new community!

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Fremont Diner, Juanita Juanita, Harvest Moon - Sonoma

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