We are ecstatic to announce (for the 3rd year in a row!) that Terra Firma Global Partners has been recognized by the North Bay Business Journal as one of the North Bay’s BEST PLACES TO WORK! In fact, we are one of only two real estate brokerages in the list of 100 businesses to receive the recognition.


What makes us different?

When principals Bill Facendini and Heidi Rickerd-Rizzo launched the company in April 2010, they unbundled everything and started from scratch to build a company based on trust and strived to make the business a team sport, rather than an individual one. As recognized leaders in the industry, and known for their innovation and professionalism, they believed a company built around a client centric focus and a team that has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet and exceed the client’s expectation had a place in the market, regardless of its larger competitors. Shunning the traditional brokerage model of cut-throat agents competing against each other, Terra Firma fosters a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment by all its agents, thereby ensuring its clients and listings have the competitive edge in both sales and purchases. Terra Firma Global Partners extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage
firm offers. We envision ourselves as both a lifestyle company committed to informing and connecting global communities, and as a creative company offering design, marketing and sales solutions for buyers, sellers, developers and investors alike.

To illustrate this concept, we checked in with two of our newest agents, Mike Lagoyda and Julie Kitchens. We wanted to know from them, despite only being with the company for few months, what they feel makes TFGP different.

How is the Terra Firma Global Partners culture different from other brokerages?

Julie: Terra Firma isn’t like most brokerages because of its culture of agents, and that is something I have never been a part of. Having a community of experienced agents to rely on for sound advice or support is invaluable, especially in a market that is constantly changing and we all have to adjust (what seems like) daily, to those changes. Knowing that there is open communication between not just our brokers but associates to share what is happening out there, helps us all be better and being a part of a brokerage where all really means ALL, is incredible.

Mike: At my last brokerage there was a sense that everyone was out for themselves and there was definitely a zero-sum game mentality. The agents were all competing with each other and there was not a lot of cooperation. Office meetings were cheerleader sessions designed to applaud the top producing agents accomplishments. With TFGP, it’s all about abundance & collaboration. This is what sets TFGP apart from my previous experience in Real Estate. Bill always mentions coming from a place of abundance, and this seems to be the mindset of everyone at TFGP. Everyone that I have met at the company is eager to help and looks for ways to partner up and make the experience better for their colleagues. I have only been here a few months and I already like, trust and respect more people I have met at TFGP than in 8 years at my previous brokerage. The office meetings are genuinely enjoyable and educational experiences with people sharing market updates and what is working for them out in the field. There is no constant scoreboard of who is making the most money and doing the most business. The focus is more on the process, education and making us better practitioners; which is a benefit to us as agents but ultimately the client as well.

How would you describe the leadership at TFGP?

Julie: Broker support is unique in that we are encourage and supported to grow who we are as agents and members of thecommunity, not just to grow our business. Terra Firma is so community orientated, and sets a great example of what that truly means. Being an active member of my community, I was proud and honored to be invited to represent TFGP and to work with such incredible people. Being a part of this brokerage has truly been the best decision not just for me professionally and personally, but most importantly for my clients. I am able to provide incredible services to my clients due of the sound nature of Terra Firma Global Partners.

Mike: Bill, Heidi & Betsy are always available, approachable and responsive. I like how they divide and conquer with Betsy focused on systems, Heidi on marketing and Bill on legal/contractual issues. I’ve interacted the most with Bill in a leadership capacity and I can honestly say that I am humbled, impressed and inspired with his professionalism and experience in the business. I am proud to be a part of the company they have built, the values they espouse and the family of professionals they have brought together.